All of us at Project Restore Ministries value greatly the wellbeing of each family and individual in our communities.

We continue to follow CDC Health Guidelines as it pertains to COVID-19.

Project Restore Ministries, Network Of Community Partners is extremely happy to be the recipient earlier in the year of  a grant from “The Community Foundation For Northeast Florida “ to aid us in establishing an Asset Based Community Development Program in the Brentwood Community. Here is a picture from one of our monthly Brentwood Neighborhood Forums where we gather to listen, engage and build relationships…




In Partnership with The Chalmers Center

Here at Project Restore Ministries Inc. we believe that a community flourishes when the people within the community have a desire for change and become an integral part of change. We also believe that learning to manage one’s money and possessions God’s way results in true freedom for all, which is essential to a community flourishing and can be for generations to come. Our focus is not just on biblical financial literacy, but also on developing and nurturing healthy community partnerships as well as teaching and promoting generational stewardship, accountability, and generosity within the individual, the family, and their urban core community. It’s about us working together to change our cultural mindset of how not to hurt the poor and ourselves.

Restoring the Urban Core

About Project Restore Ministries

“When you KNOW better, you DO better!”

It’s true. That’s why Project Restore Ministries (PRM) is on a mission to teach God’s way of handling money and possessions to those who desire to “do better”. We believe the Bible has time-tested, tried and true principles to alleviate poverty in Jacksonville’s inner city. In partnership with local churches, businesses, volunteers, and the materially poor, our mission is to teach the materially poor biblical financial principles and more, resulting in poverty alleviation, and community restoration within our urban core- the way God intended.

Join Us

We are a community of partners

We need YOU! Project Restore Ministries can only realize its vision of poverty alleviation and community restoration in partnership with local churches, businesses, and volunteers. Here are ways you can get involved in equipping the materially poor with tools to restore their finances and communities God’s way: