Amid ongoing concerns and uncertainty related to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are currently suspending all scheduled meetings and educational forums. As conditions change and it becomes safe to the public, we will reconvene and reschedule all events.

We apologize for the service interruption and ask for your patience. Our prayers go out to you and your loved ones.

For more information about how to protect yourself and your community, please navigate your browser to the CDC Website for details.

Weekly Update from PRM Founder and President, Marilyn Johnson...

Restoring the Urban Core

About Project Restore Ministries

“When you KNOW better, you DO better!”

It’s true. That’s why Project Restore Ministries (PRM) is on a mission to teach God’s way of handling money and possessions to those who desire to “do better”. We believe the Bible has time-tested, tried and true principles to alleviate poverty in Jacksonville’s inner city. In partnership with local churches, businesses, volunteers, and the materially poor, our mission is to teach the materially poor biblical financial principles and more, resulting in poverty alleviation, and community restoration within our urban core- the way God intended.

Join Us

We are a community of partners

We need YOU! Project Restore Ministries can only realize its vision of poverty alleviation and community restoration in partnership with local churches, businesses, and volunteers. Here are ways you can get involved in equipping the materially poor with tools to restore their finances and communities God’s way: